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  • 日本語と社会

    『日本語と社会』は、アジア学術情報センター(Asian Center for Scientific Information, ACSI)が発行する学術雑誌です。言語学、社会言語学、日本語教育、日本文学、日本文化、社会など、日本語と社会のあらゆる側面に関する独創的な研究を掲載する査読付き学術誌です。現在、年2回発行。

  • 日本語教育と学習

    『日本語教育と学習』(Japanese Language Teaching and Learning, JLTL) は、日本語教育の研究に特化した新しい査読付き学術誌です。本誌では、日本語教育法のあらゆる側面に関する独創的な研究論文、理論論文、文献レビューを掲載しています。

    『日本語教育と学習』はアジア学術情報センター(Asian Center for Scientific Information, ACSI)によって出版されています。

  • Journal of Asian Development

    Journal of Asian Development (ISSN 2377-9594) is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal that publishes two issues each year. The journal focuses on social science topics from the Asian region. The journal is owned and published by Bigedu Foundation, a not-for-profit organization regulated by the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations.

    Journal of Asian Development publishes all article types, such as original articles, review articles, case reports, technical reports, research letters, etc. Authors can only submit unpublished works, which are not under consideration for publication in any other journals.

    The journal accepts Online submission and Email submission (

  • Aquatic Science and Technology

    Aquatic Science and Technology (ISSN 2168-9148) is a peer-reviewed international scientific and open access journal published by Bigedu Foundation. AST's primary goal is to publish original research papers and review articles dealing with aquatic systems (marine, wetlands, and freshwater systems) and their boundaries. It is published in online version which is free to access and download. The journal accepts Online submission and Email submission (

    The scopes of the journal include: Aquaculture, Aquatic Biology, Aquatic Chemistry, Aquatic Ecology, Aquatic Environmental Monitoring, Aquatic Pollution and Remediation, Aquatic Toxicology, Conservation and Utilization of Aquatic Resources, Dynamics of Aquatic Ecosystems, Fisheries Science, Investigation and Assessment